Knowing Further About Office Work

Job function – In order to reach their goals or visions, a company or organization performs both primary and supporting works. Supporting works include recording, managing, analysing, and reporting, which are categorized as office work. Though it is just supporting work, office work is essential to do.

Without office work, primary works cannot be performed well. Moreover, office work can be a fundamental part of important decisions performed by the company. In this article, we will discuss office work.

The Definition of Office Work

Office work is supporting activities, such as recording, processing, analysing, and reporting the main task or vision of a company or organization. This work can be categorized into 3 tasks, which are recording, calculating, and processing. Examples of recording are inventory, incoming and outgoing letters, personnel data, expenditures, and so on.

For calculations, the examples are determining the marketing budget, profit, loss, and so on. While examples of processing tasks are creating financial reports, company performance reports, and other necessary reports for the company.

The Job Function of Office Work

Office work is highly associated with recording, calculating, and processing activities. So that in principle, the job function of office work is serving information and records. In detail, there are several functions of such a work. Here they are.

  • Perform supporting or operational work that is closely related to the implementation of the main work in order to achieve the vision or goals of the company or organization.
  • Provide information required by the leader as a basis for decisions or actions to be made.
  • Perform the development of the company or organization as a unit.\

According to Geoffrey Mills and Oliver Standingford, the function of office work is to provide a service regarding communication and files. The main jobs of office workers are receiving, recording, processing, and providing information, as well as protecting assets.

Types of Office Work

In general, office work can be categorized into 2 types, which are:

  • Administrative

Administrative office work is frequently related to administrative activities. For example, managing incoming and outgoing letters, managing inventory and personnel data, and so on.

  • Non-Administrative

Non-administrative office work is often associated with field work. For instance, securities, cleaning services, and so on

Companies in any field or industry need office work. Even tech companies still need such work. That is all you need to know about office work, including its job function.

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